A C Redman Metal Spinnings Ltd, Havant

Specialising in metal design, precision metal spinning and manufacturing parts for the
aerospace and defence industry.
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About our company:

At A C Redman Metal Spinnings Ltd, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide quality metal parts built to specification; and with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we're able to provide technical advice on developing components and specifications for improving overall quality and performance.

We have an ISO 9001 2008 quality management system in place, and have worked to its standards consistently since its implementation 15 years ago, ensuring rock solid quality in every production run.
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quality metal parts

Expert metal spinners who will work with you - from bespoke hand spun parts to design advice.

Expert metal spinners
We offer a level of flexibility that means you can involve us in any part of the process.

We manufacture parts ranging from simple shapes such as lampshades and ducts for air conditioning units to more complex and intricate pieces for use within aerospace and defence industries.

We can take on the responsibility of both design and manufacture to produce the components you need, and we deliver them to your project or production line.

Alternatively, you may have the design facilities to draw up your component exactly as you want them - in that case we will simply manufacture to your exact specifications; again, delivering your items to you.

We can also offer advice on a design-only basis, discussing the best way to achieve your project objectives, even if you do not require us to manufacture.

At all stages of the process, you will be consulted and kept up to speed; we pride ourselves on both speedy turnaround times and high quality, consistent work, so no matter what the deadline pressures associated with your project, we can help you.

As well as our core field of expertise as precision metal spinners, we offer start-to-finish metal services such as welding, metal treatments and polishing.

Why not find out more about our metal spinning services, or what our bespoke components service entails? Or, if you could benefit from our services and want to speak to us, you can contact us today.
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Let us take on your component design challenges or work to your specifications in manufacturing your hand spun metal items

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